About the club

General information:
  • Founded in October 2013
  • Recorded at the JFA in January 2014
 Philosophy and mission:
  • Create a safe and fun environment where the kids, despite of their nationality, can train and enjoy their favorite sport.
  • While having fun, your kids will learn basic common rules that will enable them to respect basic rules but also respect other participants. Their communication competences will develop and they will learn how to live in a community.
  • Understand and accept your children’s personality, whatever their level or nationality, is our main goal and we are committed to teach them, patience, not only to achieve our objectives but also to ensure your kids will be growing in a confident and secure environment.
  • Our Club is simply following French methods and technics of trainings, mixing the French culture with the one from the country of the rising sun!


Please click on the logo or link to visit the website and learn more about the leagues.


The U10 will join the U12 during the matches as the FC Nomade wants to give the opportunity to younger players to speed up their learning and progress while having a good insight on the next level.


Kanagawa League (website in japanese)

Club’s records:

International Junior League (IJL):
U10: 6th place
U12: 2nd place
Reccoss League:
U10: 5th place
U12: 4th place
Nadia Tournament:
1st place
International Junior League (IJL):
U10: 1st place
U12: 1st place
Reccoss League:
U10: 4th place
U12: 5th place
Nadia Tournament:
1st place
International Junior League (IJL):
U10: 3rd place
U12: 3rd place
Nadia Tournament:
2nd place

Reccoss League U10 MVP 2015/16







U10 & U12 IJL Champion 2016/17