Last Saturday, FC Nomade formed a young team to play Footy Japan Soccer ‘s Tournament at the YCAC (Yokohama). The team counted six U16 players who experienced adult football for the first time. Yet, the team did really well and the youngsters proved they could take part in the competition.

After 4 wins and 2 loses in the first stage of the tournament, the team made it to the final against Pumas FC. The team was however back up with two FC Nomade coaches and 2 older players, whom, all four, regularly play with Pumas FC in the Tokyo Metropolis League (TML). The two friendly teams battled for the cup in a tight game and ended with a 1-2 in favor of the Pumas.

The U16 responded very well to the challenge of playing against older players, which makes us more confidente about having a team for young players in the TML Division 3. We hope this tournament will help open the door of the TML for them as soon as from next year.