English Soccer Class

Why an English Soccer Class?

  • To offer young japanese players the opportunity to develop their language skills while playing soccer and having fun.
  • To prepare them to join our competitive teams with players of different nationalities and to live a very unique experience in an international soccer club.

What is the class about?

  • We offer english soccer classes and use specific curriculum that focuses on improving both english and soccer skills.
  • Coaches only speak English, but kids will always have fun even if they don’t understand everything at first.
  • Students learn basic English for daily life. They learn in group and can socialize with other students.

Who can join?

  • The program is open to kids of all age, gender, and nationality. Of course, girls are more than welcome.
  • The curriculum fits any age and physical condition.
  • Ideal for beginners in both soccer and english.

Let’s play soccer and learn English!

Let’s have fun!

Join The English Soccer Class.

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