English Soccer School

Why an English Soccer School at FCNomade?

  1. To offer young japanese the opportunity to develop their language skills while playing soccer and having fun.
  2. To prepare our students to join our competitive teams with other international players and to live a very unique experience in a multicultural environment.

“I had the opportunity to study and play soccer in college in U.S, and it was a great experience. Before going to the U.S., my english was very poor, although I had studied english since many years in school in France. During my first term in college, soccer really helped me to improved my english because I had to understand the instructions and what the coaches expected from me on the field while socializing with the other players. More importantly, the learning process was really fun because I was doing what I love, which is playing soccer. In addition of this, there were players from Europe, Africa, South America and North America in my team. Therefore, while being in a multicultural environment, I was able to develop strong soft skills and got a better understanding of other cultures and the world overall. Today, I strongly encourage young players to join this kind of program, and this is what we try to do with FCNomade”.

Kevin Le Bras, Coach FCNomade

What is the class about?

  • We offer english soccer class and use specific curriculum and drills to develop both aspects.
  • Coaches only speak English, but kids will always have fun no matter what even if they don’t understand everything.
  • Students learn basic English for daily life. Students learn in group and can socialize with other students.

Who can join the Nomade English Soccer School?

  • The program is open to kids of all age, gender, and nationality. Girls are more than welcome.
  • The curriculum fits any age and physical condition.
  • Ideal for beginners in both soccer and english.


Let’s play soccer and learn English!

Let’s have fun!


Where and when the class takes place?

Every Wednesday from 4pm to 5pm


What are the prices?

Admission fee 5,000 Yen
Insurance fee2,000 Yen
Monthly fee8,000 Yen

Payment can be made for 3, 6 or 10 months.

If canceled or departure, no refund will be done.

How to register?

Download the registration form here

Fill it out and send it by email to:


or bring it to the coach at the first practice

Registrations are accepted throughout the year.

You are not sure if you want to register now?


A free trial is offered. Contact us!


What equipement is required at every practice?

  • A soccer ball Size 5
  • A bag to keep the ball
  • Futsal soccer shoes (spikeless)
  • Shin guards
  • Water bottle
  • A towel


The insurance covers accidents that may occur during transfers from home to the practice venue (round way) and accidents during training or tournaments. Insurance has to be renew in April of each year (fiscal year starts in April in Japan).

Protection of personal data

We are committed to respecting the confidentiality of your information. Please, let us know if you do not want pictures of your kids to appear on the website.

For more information, send an email to : fcnomade@p-and-i.jp