After finishing MVP of a selection day in Japan for La Liga’s Clubs Summer Camps, our U15 player Conrad received an invitation to join Levante UD summer camp. 

Conrad explained the level was very high at the camp, but that he learned and improved a lot in just a few days. For young players, this kind of intense experience can be worth of weeks of training as the mental stimulations differ greatly from their training routine. 

He said he was able to keep up with the level and that few Japanese players will be selected to play with Levante UD from next year, or at least, get another invitation to the camp for further observation.

Although FC Nomade is still a small and modest club, we are always happy and proud to support the developement of players within our teams. Whatever level our players want or can play, we want to help them reach their highest potential.

Most of our players being internationals, it is either to prepare them for when they go back to their country, to join a japanese team at a higher level, to trial with pro clubs in Japan or abroad, or to play in the Tokyo Metropolis League (TML), in which FC Nomade plans to have an adult team from 2020. But it is always about supporting them to grow in their sport.