Good run for our U15 in Kohoku Tournament organized by the local community at the German School on Saturday 30th of November. The tournament counted 6 teams organized in 2 groups. Among the participants: three international schools – FC Nomade, DSTY Eagles, and St-Marys – and three local teams.

After dominating and winning its first game against St-Marys International School, and winning its second game, the team finished 1st of its group. The chances to go to the final then became stronger as the team would play against the second of the other group in the semi-finals. 

After 30 minutes fighting hard and teams scoring the one after the other, the score was stopped to 4-4 taking everyone to the PKs. After a brief suspense, the local team won it 5-4. DSTY Eagles would then win against them in the final becoming the winner of the tournament’s 1st edition.

Our U15 would then secure a 3rd place in a last game. A good performance overall  winning 3 games out of 4 this day.