Practices and games cancelled in March due to coronavirus

FC Nomade will follow the Tokyo Metropolitan Government guidelines and will cancel – like most public and international schools in Tokyo – all sports activities scheduled in March. This includes all practices and competitions. Most cultural and sports events and gatherings have already been cancelled and/or postponed in the city to prevent the virus spreading and hopefully further contaminations. A precaution that FC Nomade has naturally decided to take as well.

However, the SPRING SOCCER CAMP scheduled from 23rd to 27th is still maintained at the moment. Further updates will be given later this month and as soon as possible. Therefore, parents and players are welcome to contact the club for pre-registration to the camp. FC Nomade has already pre-registered a good number of participants, and the camp – if maintained – is expected to be great!

We encourage all members to use precautions for the next month. Basic precautions are similar to the ones for the flu and may include: avoid touching face with hands, wash hands frequently, wear masks, avoid public transportations, avoid gathering and crowed places, avoid checking hands and adopt the Japanese bow style etc.

Please contact your local health office if you or your child develop symptoms related to new coronavirus (COVID-19). Again, to protect each other from the infection, wash your hands frequently and follow cough etiquette.

Please be sure to check FC Nomade communications regularly, as we will keep update according to the new government guidelines excpected March 16th. 

We thank all of our members for their understanding and cooperation.

A special Training Program for March imagined by the coaches

Who said all training were cancelled?

Coaches came up with a special training program to be completed from home! While the virus is keeping us away from the pitch and from each other, it shouldn’t be a reason to stop all activities and to lose all the good work that have been done during practices since January.

The special program includes ball mastery drills, technical challenges on INSTAGRAM, workout/fitness challenges, and… an eSports tournament!!! Coaches have sent a detailed schedule on the club’s LINE group chats, and will send instructions for the trainings on a daily basis.

For example, for their first day of training from home, players have received a link of a YouTube video demonstrating skills with the ball. They were asked to practice the skills showed in the video, and were challenged to reproduce each skills with a given number of repetitions without mistakes. Each player has to confirm he completed the training through a poll organized at the end of every week on the club’s LINE group chat. An original idea which we hope will keep the players motivated and fit, as the new seasons for all categories were supposed to re-start this month…

For members, the special schedule is available here and instructions are given by the coaches on our LINE group chats! Don’t miss a training and go check it out now!