From the 2021 season, our U13 and U15 teams, which have been competing in the U13 and U15 Kanagawa Leagues under the name ‘DSTY Eagles’, will proudly carry our name ‘FC NOMADE’ along with a new badge on the chest. The badge will also be used for the U18 team, our new addition to the club this year.

Originally, FC Nomade teamed-up with the DSTY Eagles to open the doors of official Japanese competitions to FC Nomade players. Since then, the teams have become the most international/diverse competitive teams in Tokyo/Kanagawa areas (and all Japan?) mixing players from DSTY and all other Tokyo/Yokohama international schools, and Japanese schools too.

We hope to catch the interests of even more young and talented players and welcome them on board of an exciting football project. We want players to fully experience football (soccer) in Japan, having an opportunity to compete in official Japanese leagues.

We will proudly and humbly carry our legacy.
A new chapter begins here…