The FC Nomade held a soccer camp last week from Monday 22nd to Friday 26th of October at the Aerbin Sports Park in Chiba. The camp was a success with a lot of players joining the camp this year. This camp was particularly intense with 2 sessions a day and players putting effort in their training. A great opportunity again for players to improve every aspects of their game with a particular focus on their technical and tactical skills: understanding of different defensive/offensive situations; positioning; space, movements and dynamics in the game. Players also had the opportunity to enjoy themselves, spending good time with friends and making new ones, having BBQ etc.

A lot of players were new to the club and will join our U12 and U15 teams from this month. Our teams are not only growing in numbers but in quality as well. This camp is the proof of it. New players are bringing more quality into the sessions and push long time players to continue improving. The level in the club is rising and this is great news. We hope to attract more players in the next few weeks and build strong teams capable of competing in their respective Leagues: U12 Reccoss League and U15 Kanagawa League. And we’re already looking forward to our next camp!