Our yearly Fall Soccer Camp 2019 took place in Chiba at the Aerbin Sports Center last week. Looking back at this camp, we are once again satisfied by the services and equippements provided by Aerbin Sports Center. We are always very happy to offer such good training conditions to our players for 5 days.

In total, players had 9 sessions: two sessions a day through Monday-Thursday, and one on Friday. Enough time to go through all aspects of the game: physical conditionning, technics & ball control, tactics…

Camps are also great for coaches to spend more time with players individually, and to deliver more specific advises on how to improve. Overall, we are very proud of the players, the energy and efforts they put into the sessions, and the improvements achieved during this week.

We want to thank all the parents and players for the support and we hope to see them again at our next camp.

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