Soccer Camps




If more than 15 players:

Aerbin Sports Park in Chiba 

Great facility including:

  • 2 big size turf pitches, each divisible in 3 futsal courts
  • 1 big size grass field
  • 1 indoor court in case of heavy rain

If less than 15 players:

Forest Village in Chiba

Great facility including:

  • 1 big size artificial grass pitch, divisible in 3 futsal courts
  • Nice running circuit
  • Big indoor rooms for activities in case of rain


From 6 to 17 years old

and girls

Players from of all levels
and standards

FC Nomade members
and non-members


All included
1 week = 5 days/4 nights


  • 1 week = ¥65,000


  • 1 week = ¥70,000


  • Registration form – Download
  • Parental approval – Download
  • Copy of passport or Alien Card
  • Copy of social security card

Send all required documents filled to 

> Registration and payment to be made at least one week prior to the camp

Cancelation fees :

10 days before departure: 50% fee
1 day before departure: 80% fee
On departure day: 100% fee



  • Meet on Monday 7:00am at Iidabashi Station, Exit B2A, in front of Canal Cafe
  • Depart 7:30am by bus
  • Return on Friday around 6pm to the same place

Daily Schedule

  • Two sessions a day in the morning and in the afternoon
  • Free time in between for study
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Team activities and free time in the evening
Injuries or sickness

In case of a player getting injured or sick during the camp, we can take him/her to the doctor or to the hospital after contacting the parents. In case of an accident or injury during the practice, the club’s insurance will cover part of the medical expenses for registered members at FC Nomade.

COVID-19 Measures

FC Nomade’s guidelines:

* Please check your kids health condition at least two weeks before coming to our soccer camp.
* Checking temperature two times a day and checking if your kids are coughing.
* FC Nomade staff will check your kids temperature two times a day and we will report you straight away in case of your kid get fever.
* FC Nomade staff will check your kids temperature the day of departure, if your kid have fever that day he/she will not come with us and we will cancel his/her participation.
* Controlling the number of kid per room it will be maximum 4 kids per room.
* Groups will not exceed 30 players on the field.
* No sharing water.
* We will not use gym and sports equipment from the sports center.
* Kids will use their own equipment that is to say ball, water bottle, mask and alcohol.
* The sports center will be Frequently sanitizing and ventilate ( windows in every rooms). They have alcohol everywhere so kids will frequently wash their hands.
* For the moment we will be the only group for three weeks who will use aerbin sports park in case of another group come, that group will not sleep on the same floor, they will eat and have a bath in different time.
* Covering mouth and nose, especially when talking to other people. Technically all staffs from aerbin sports park wear a mask and they check their temperature everyday before coming to work.
* We also have attached the aerbin sports center guidelines and precautions.


AERBIN SPORTS PARK’s guidelines:

* Installation of alcohol for disinfection. Install alcohol for disinfection in the common area.
* Thorough alcohol disinfection and ventilation during cleaning.
* Thorough alcohol sterilization will be performed on door knobs, switches, buttons, bathroom doors, and other areas where many machines are touched by customers.
* Staff will open windows for ventilation in the common area on a regular basis.

*Staff physical conditions and hygienes :

– The staff take their temperature before coming to work.
– We wash our hands frequently, gargle, wearing a mask all day.

* Confirm the customer’s health condition:

– At check-in, we will check the health of all guests and use a non-contact thermometer to measure your temperature.
– Please note that customers above 37.5 degrees will not be allowed to use our facilities.
– If you feel unwell during your stay, please let the staff know.

* Prevention of droplet infection:

– We would like to ask customers to cooperate with us by respecting the 2 meters intervals when you line up.
– We also have installing a transparent film on the front desk.

* About meal :

– We usually offer a buffet but in this situation we will give individual meals and lunch boxes.
– We ask for your cooperation in ensuring that you are seated at a sufficient distance from each other.

We will continue to take necessary measures with the highest priority given to ensuring the safety of our customers and staff.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Why Joining the Camps

Camps are the perfect opportunity for players to improve their soccer skills while enjoying great time with friends and make memories that will last.

Technical, physical & tactical training through a large curriculum of drills, small sided-games and practice games. We cover it all to help players improve their abilities and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Outside of practice, players participate in different activities to further build friendship with teammates. We also organize a BBQ night and enjoy good food with the players.

Lastly, we look for great facilities and training conditions for the players. Usually located outside the city and sourrounded by nature to refresh the mind and break with the life in the city for few days.

Can not join this time?

No worries! We organize several camps every year during the International Schools breaks in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Come back to this page soon to learn about our next camp. Announcements will also be made on our social media platforms. Follow Us!

Need more info?

Write us to or use the form.