Soccer Camps 2020

From 5 to 17 years old (U6-U18)

Boys and girls (separated if large groups)

Players from all standards

FC Nomade members AND non-members

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A camp is the best opportunity for a player to receive intensive trainings for several days, improve his skills, and enjoy great time with friends. For our camps, we look for the best facilities and practice conditions in and around Tokyo. Our camps always aim to improve the players’ technique, physical and tactical skills, and of course, to make them enjoy few days of soccer only!

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Winter Camp

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Summer Camp

Fall Camp


Players are placed within their category of age. Depending on the number of players in each categories, players can be placed within the category of the closest age. If some categories are to be merged together, it will usually be organized as follow:

U6-U8 / U8-U10 / U10-U12 / U13-U15 / U15-U18

In Case of Injuries or Sickness

We understand safety must be important to everyone. If a player get injured or sick during the camp, we can take him/her to the doctor or hospital after contacting the parents. In case of accident or injury during the practices, the club’s insurance will cover all or part of the medical expenses.

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