Our Summer Camps 2021 in Shimoda for 3 weeks coming soon. Soccer and outdoors activities for kids, elementary, middle and high school students of Tokyo areas.


The summer camps in Chiba comes to an end after 5 weeks of intense and fun soccer for kids, elementary, middle, and high school students. Every week, players were able to participate in challenging and exciting drills and games, improve their skills, enjoy great times with teammates and make new friends. For 5 days, players not only get an opportunity to develop stronger soccer skills, but they can also engage in deeper and meaningful relationships with other players, developing nice social skills such as better communication, trust, teamwork, fairplay and respect.

We’re glad many players were able to join our camps this summer. Some have stayed for 2, 3, and 4 weeks and sometimes the entire 5 weeks. With 2 sessions a day during the 5 days of camp led by experienced coaches, players can really see some improvements with their skills and confidence. Of course, the players who have stayed several weeks improve the best and the fastest, and usually become strong players at FC Nomade. For first comers, this is also an excellent way to discover FC Nomade, its coaches, players and the club’s atmosphere.

Another positive point for the club and the coaches, is that many players who have come to the camps last summer and in the past have returned this year. This means a lot for the staff as it shows that players and parents are satisfied, trust the coaches, and enjoy the camp. This is the best reward for the staff who work with passion and energy to offer to the players the best possible soccer summer camp around Tokyo. We thank you for players and parents for joining again this summer.

From Monday 26 of July, the camps will continue in Shimoda (Izu, Shizuoka) for 3 more weeks until August 13th (Week 6/7/8). We will stay at Shimoda House Cottage – “A wonderful getaway in nature. Very quiet and secluded, a nice counter to fast pace city life.” from testimonies. The camps at Shimoda are slightly different than the ones organized in Chiba, various activities will be organized such as camping with tents, fire camps, archery, yoga, beach sports (bodyboard, swimming, beach soccer…). Great summer times are ahead still!