Last weekend, U15 player Conrad participated to a selection organized yearly for spanish clubs, including clubs of La Liga.

At the end of the day, Conrad was named MVP of the selection and is now offered to participate in a camp overseen by recruiters in Spain. Congratulation to him!

Our Head Coach Nicolas Dhuez, who has coached and followed Conrad at AOBA International School since he was 8 years old, explained that his progress has always been constant through the years and that his potential can always take him higher.

Conrad is a hard worker which makes the training easy for coaches and his progression faster. It is always a pleasure to work with players who are desirable to learn and improve. But this would not be possible without the passion he has for the sport.

Coach Kevin Le Bras, who has welcomed Conrad at FC Nomade in the U15 Group about a year ago, said that Conrad rarely missed a practice, and when he did it was because he had a game with his school. His dedication and motivation is great and inspire other players in the team too. 

Conrad presents some abilities that are not necessarily looked by Japanese clubs at first: a strong physic, powerful, fast with and without  the ball, not afraid of the physical challenge. He can go straight to the point, if the space in front of him allows it, he will try to run straight to the goal with the ball like he has demonstrated with the U15 Team in the Kanagawa League.

Like the talented U12 player Nori few years ago, whom FC Nomade sent to AS Saint-Etienne’s summer camp and who now plays for an international school team in Spain, Conrad has an opportunity to experience football in Europe and to test himself at a higher level.

Although FC Nomade is still a small and modest club, we are always happy and proud to support the developement of players within our teams. Whatever level our players want or can play, we want to help them reach their highest potential.

Most of our players being internationals, it is either preparing them for when they go back to their country, to join a japanese team at a higher level, to trial with pro clubs in Japan or abroad, or to join our collaboration team with Pumas FC in the Tokyo Metropolis League (TML). But it is always supporting them to grow in their sport.