The U12 team play in the Reccoss League, a private league with a good organisation that follows the FIFA rules. The Reccoss League is an international friendly and competitive youth football league. Other than its simple and very effective organisation, the Reccoss League makes a selection of the best players of the league every year to go play a competitive tournament in Spain, which makes it even more attractive and interesting for talented players looking for more exposure.

Information about the Reccoss League:

  • Season: from April to March (Japanese school year)
  • Games: Saturday or Sunday every 2/3 weeks depending on availabilities of other teams. Sometimes, 2 or 3 games are played on the same day. All games are played at the German School Tokyo Yokohama.
  • Fixtures, Standings, and Rules on https://reccoss.com/

The U12 players also play in the Hikarigaoka Junior Soccer League (HJSL) and for the Hikarigaoka Cup.

Information about the HJSL:

  • Season: from April to March (Japanese school year)
  • Format: classic home/away (but all games are played are the same location)
  • Games: Saturday or Sunday. Sometimes, 2 or 3 games have to be played on the same weekend. All games are played at Hikarigaoka.

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